The 24 Generals of Takeda Shingen

Bright Eyes — Character Names

Characters in Bright Eyes

Warning: These are the characters that appear in Bright Eyes (Seasons of the Sword #2) — so there are obviously spoilers for Risuko!

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Note: In Japan, as through most of East Asia, tradition places the family name before the given name. For example, in Kano Murasaki, Risuko’s proper name, Kano is her family’s name and Murasaki her given name—what English speakers would call her first name.

Historical figures are marked with an asterisk (*).

Residents of the Full Moon:

Risuko — Proper name: Kano Murasaki. Called “Squirrel” and “Bright Eyes.” Junior initiate

Mochizuki Chiyome* — Mistress of the Full Moon

Mieko — Lady Chiyome’s maid. Kunoichi teacher; miko dance master

Kuniko — Lady Chiyome’s maid. Kunoichi (deceased)

Tarugu Toumi — Called “Falcon.” Junior initiate

Hanichi Emi — Called “Smiley.” Junior initiate

Aimaru — Called “Moon-cake” and “Moon-face.” Servant

Little Brothers — Servants

Takeda Masugu — Takeda cavalry lieutenant

Mai — Called “Foxy.” Senior initiate.

Shino — Senior initiate

Kee Sun — Cook (Korean)

Sachi — called “Flower.” Kunoichi espionage teacher; miko music master

Hoshi — called “Horsey.” Kunoichi sword teacher; miko calligraphy master

Mitsuke — Kunoichi strength and archery teacher; mikoetiquette master

Rin — Kunoichi garrote teacher

Suzume — Kunoichi

Aoki — Kunoichi

Fuyudori — called “Ghostie.” Former senior initiate (deceased)

Takeda Forces

Takeda Shingen* — Lord of the Takeda clan of Worth (Kai) Province. Called “The Mountain” and “The Tiger of Kai.” Allied with the Oda and the Matsudaira

Baba Nobufusa* — Takeda captain

Hara Masatane* — Takeda captain

Torimasa Noritada — Takeda Lieutenant

Itagaki Harashubo — Takeda Lieutenant

Yukishiro — Takeda guard

Sato — Takeda guard

Kotoku — Takeda guard

Tadashi — Takeda guard

Torai — Takeda cook; called “Shorty”

Matsudaira Forces

Matsudaira Motoyasu* — Lord of the Matsudaira clan of Three Rivers (Mikawa) Province

Tokugawa Tokimatsu — Matsudaira captain

Matsudaira Ietada* — Matsudaira captain

Hattori Hanzō* — Matsudaira captain

Sakai Tadashige — — Matsudaira lieutenant

Kobayashi — Matsudaira guard

Aosagi — Matsudaira guard

Kumo — Matsudaira cook; called “Fatso”


Okā-san — Risuko’s mother; proper name: Kano Chojo

Usako — Risuko’s sister; proper name: Kano Daini

Otō-san — Risuko’s father, former samurai, turned scribe; proper name: Kano Kazuo (believed deceased)

Junkeishō — Buddhist monk

Father Francisco — Jesuit priest traveling with Matsudaira (Portuguese)

João Afonso Alves de Sousa de Mandrágora — Novice traveling with Matsudaira; called “Jolalo” (Portuguese)

Major Historical Figures (mentioned but not appearing):

Oda Nobunaga* — Most powerful lord (daimyo) of Japan, controlling the capital in Kyōto and the military government headed by the warlord (shōgun). Head of the Oda clan of Rising Tail (Owari) Province. Allied with the Takeda and the Matsudaira.

Imagawa Ujizane* — Head of the Imagawa clan, former lord of Serenity (Tōtōmi) Province

Uesugi Kenshin* — Lord of the Uesugi clan of Crossover (Echigo) Province

Hōjō Ujimasa* — Lord of the Hōjō clan of Armory (Musashi) Province

Ashikaga Yoshiaka* — Hereditary warlord (shōgun) of Japan. For all intents and purposes Oda Nobunaga’s puppet since Oda-sama took contol of the capital.

Seasons of the Sword
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