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Read the list of characters in Risuko!

We’ve posted the list of the major characters in Risuko! Check out who’s who, find out which historical figures are part of the book, and even get a peak into who’s going to be appearing!

Risuko — Character Names

Note: In Japan, as through most of East Asia, tradition places the family name before the given name. For example, in Kano Murasaki, Risuko’s proper name, Kano is her family’s name and Murasaki her given name—what English speakers would call her first name. Continue reading Read the list of characters in Risuko!

Help us choose the best cover design!

Help us choose the best cover design

Thanks for helping choose a cover concept for Risuko! Now we need you to choose your favorite design
A little while ago, we asked you which cover concept you thought we should send to our designer. Thanks so much for the great response! We went with the winner, and shared that, along with a lot of other information, with BookFly, who are putting the cover together for us.

They sent us a mock-up over the weekend, and we’d love to know whether you prefer the original concept or the new design!
Which of these two covers makes you want to read the book more?*
We know you may like both or neither — but go with your gut, and help us choose the best cover design!

Read “Flying” — Chapter 3 of Risuko

We’re excited with how you’re response to David Kudler’s historical adventure novel Risuko!

Our next installment, “Chapter 3 — Flying,” finds Risuko meeting with three other children — Toumi, Emi, and Aimaru. But if Emi and Aimaru are friendly, Toumi… definitely isn’t.


Check out the new glossary on Risuko!

We are in the process of compiling a new glossary of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese words that occur in Risuko — and we’ve posted it on!

Check it out. If you have questions about any of these translations or about any words you’ve encountered in the book, please let us know!

Read “Putting on the Lotus” — Chapter 2 of Risuko

We’ve posted the next chapter in the exciting historical adventure novel Risuko!

Pulled into an adventure she wasn’t looking for, Risuko tries to decide whether to escape, or to join Lady Chiyome’s servants in wearing the emblem of the ten-petaled lotus. Who are these strange people? And where is Lady Chiyome leading them all — and why?


Vote for Which Cover Concept We Should Use!

Read “The Left-Hand Path” — Chapter 1 of Risuko

Thanks for the wonderful response to Serenity, the prologue to David Kudler’s historical adventure novel Risuko!

Our next installment, “Chapter 1. The Left-Hand Path,” begins Risuko where she most loves to be — up in a tree, overlooking the castle of Lord Imagawa.

Before long, however, an old noblewoman forces her to the ground, and nothing will ever be the same.


Welcome to Risuko’s New Home!

We’ve built this site in preparation for the upcoming publication of Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale by David Kudler, a young-adult historical adventure novel set in Japan during the century-long Sengoku or civil war.

Check it it out and let us know what you think of Risuko’s new home!