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Risuko Maps! See the World of the Kunoichi Tales

In preparation for the final publication of Risuko next month, Stillpoint Digital Press has produced lovely full-color Risuko maps. Here’s one of Lady Chiyome’s estate, the Full Moon: Continue reading Risuko Maps! See the World of the Kunoichi Tales

Out-take: Homecoming (early draft prologue)

In the process of writing Risuko, I have rewritten just about every sentence in the book. As the old saying goes: Writing is hard; editing is harder.

Some chapters have been rewritten more heavily than others. One chapter has been through more changes than any other: the prologue. I’ve written at least five completely different versions of the introduction to Risuko’s world. Here is the one that opened the book when I finished my first full draft. It wasn’t the right opening for the book, but I still like it, so I thought I’d share it here!

Prologue—Homecoming Continue reading Out-take: Homecoming (early draft prologue)