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Review: Tower of Dawn is the eye of the hurricane

Here’s my review of Tower of Dawn,  Sarah J. Maas’s latest book. Have you read the Throne of Glass books? What do you think?

By the way, I avoided spoilers for the book as best I could, and have hidden spoilers for the series behind the cut. — David Kudler

In Tower of Dawn, Sarah J. Maas turns a corner from sprawling epic to thrilling psychological fantasy.

In epic fantasy, the action usually centers around outsized acts of valor and evil committed by prodigious heroes and villains. It’s true in The Lord of the Rings. It’s true in A Song of Fire and Ice. It’s true in the first five of Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass books. But the latest installment in the series, Tower of Dawn, looks at action and heroism of a different kind.

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Foreword Reviews: ★★★★★ Risuko “powerful and relentless”

Look what came in the mail today!

Foreword Reviews: Risuko

Foreword Reviews gave Risuko: A Kunoichi tale a spotlight, five-star review in this quarter’s issue. (Oh, and notice that they used the cover as the central design!)

Risuko is an artfully crafted novel that evokes a heavy sense of place and enchantment. The world in which Risuko lives is filled with lords and ladies, spies, and complicated battles, not all of which are fought out on the field. Lady Chiyome especially is an interesting figure, with a depth that is mirrored in the complicated relationships in the rest of the tale. Risuko becomes an interesting blend of both the historical and the magical, and the stakes of the story are enormous. In turn, Risuko’s development and evolution are fascinating to watch in this powerful and relentless coming-of-age adventure.

Nice. Not only am I happy that they liked the book, but I’m really pleased with what they liked about  the book.

What do you think?

Foreword is a leading trade review journal of independently published books. We like them. Especially right now.

You can read the whole review here! 

I’m going back to working on Bright-Eyes now. 🙂

Risuko Blog Tour Starts June 1!

Risuko - Can one girl win a war? Coming June 15! Risuko.NetBlog Tour

Starting June 1, YA Bound Blog Tours will be organizing a week-long series of reviews, feature articles, and guest posts on Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale and author David Kudler! (See the schedule below.)

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InDTale Magazine Risuko Review: “★★★★½—Impossible to put it down!”

InDTale Magazine, a news and review journal for indie publishing, posted a glowing featured review of Risuko!

It is easy to invest in the characters, and once the reader starts this book, it’s almost impossible to put it down. Risuko goes through a lot of character growth throughout the book. An entertaining story with excellent writing and haunting descriptions, a relatable heroine, and fast-paced writing. 

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Risuko MonsterLibrarian Review: “A fascinating tale”

I enjoyed Risuko very much. The prose is very vivid, the culture and Japanese language blended in as smoothly as supernatural elements in a well-written fantasy. Risuko is caught between trying to function in a war torn world, and daring to dream about making a difference. — Michele Lee, MonsterLibrarian.com

MonsterLibrarian Review: Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale by David Kudler

Kano Murasaki, better known as Risuko (Squirrel) loves only one thing more than climbing—her family. But her mother has just sold her to Lady Chiyomi, a mysterious woman who runs a compound that trains women to be soldiers in Japan’s hundred year long civil war. It takes Risuko a while to figure this out, but readers will know it right away. Chiyomi’s women are spies, body guards, assassins. They are intelligent, strong, capable, and clever. Risuko fits in well, except it’s not the traditional role little Japanese girls grow up imagining themselves in.

But Risuko isn’t a traditional girl either. Her father was a famous samurai. He fought in the war until he was also forced to choose between honor and family. Chiyomi choose Risuko, not for her climbing skills, but for another, more personal reason. Continue reading Risuko MonsterLibrarian Review: “A fascinating tale”

Kirkus Risuko Review: “A tight, exciting, and thoughtful first volume”

The first of the major reviewers, Kirkus Reviews, has given Risuko a glowing review!

“A tight, exciting, and thoughtful first volume in what promises to be a fine series about a female ninja.” — Kirkus

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Risuko Review: “Read this. You won’t regret it.”

Happy Year of the Monkey! Not only is it a chance to celebrate the traditional beginning of the new year (Japan switched to the Western calendar in the 19th century), but it’s a chance to share a new review of Risuko:

I’m here to tell you: read this. You won’t regret it. The story is filled with character tension and growth, intrigue, and immersion in a Japanese world that feels incredibly authentic. — Kate, Hounds & Habits

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Review: “★★★★★ — Absolutely engrossing!”

Isis — Absolutely engrossing, this story grabbed me from the very start. Replete with vivid details, gorgeous descriptions, and rich emotions, this is the beginning of what looks to be a tale well worth the telling. Continue reading Review: “★★★★★ — Absolutely engrossing!”

Risuko review: “The book draws you in and grips you”

Thought I should share this!

Risuko is written in a language that sings, capturing the reader from the first moment you open the page. The book draws you in and grips you, refusing to let go until those final few paragraphs. I blasted through Risuko’s two hundred and thirty-six pages in a mere four days, and can’t wait for the next installment. — Rachel, MyAccidentalBookAddiction

If you see any reviews of Risuko, comment to let me know!

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