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Risuko — Character Names

These are the characters who appear in Risuko

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Note: In Japan, as through most of East Asia, tradition places the family name before the given name. For example, in Kano Murasaki, Risuko’s proper name, Kano is her family’s name and Murasaki her given name—what English speakers would call her first name.

Residents of Mochizuki:

Risuko—Proper name: Kano Murasaki. Called “Squirrel” and “Bright-eyes.” Novice.

Lady Mochizuki Chiyome—Mistress of Mochizuki.

Mieko—Lady Chiyome’s maid. Kunoichi-teacher. miko-dance master.

Kuniko—Lady Chiyome’s maid.

Tarugu Toumi—Called “Falcon.” Novice.

Hanichi Emi—Called “Smiley.” Novice.


Little Brothers—Servants.

Lieutenant Masugu—Takeda samurai.

Sachi—Called “Flower.” Kunoichi.

Fuyudori—Called “Ghostie.” Head initiate.

Mai—One of the “Horseradish Sisters.” Junior initiate.

Shino— One of the “Horseradish Sisters.” Junior initiate.

Kee Sun—Cook. Korean.

People in Risuko’s hometown:

Oka-san—Risuko’s mother. Proper name: Kano Chojo.

Usako—Risuko’s sister. Proper name: Kano Daini.

Oto-san—Risuko’s late father. Former samurai, turned scribe. Proper name: Kano Kazuo.



Kenji—Boy. Played with Risuko and Usako.


Major Historical Character Names:

Takeda Shingen—Lord of the Takeda clan of Worth (Kai) Province. Called “The Mountain” and “The Tiger of Kai.” Allied with the Oda and the Matsudaira

Oda Nabunaga—Warlord (shōgun) of Japan. Head of the Oda clan of Rising Tail (Owari) Province. Allied with the Takeda and the Matsudaira.

Matsudaira Motoyasu—Lord of the Matsudaira clan of Three Rivers (Mikawa) Province.

Imagawa Ujizane—Lord of the Imagawa clan of Serenity (Totomi) Province

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