Kunoichi Companion Tales

Kunoichi Companion Tales covers
Kunoichi Companion Tales

Risuko news subscribers and Kickstarter backers get exclusive early access to the Kunoichi Companion Tales, a series of exciting prequel stories by Risuko author David Kudler that introduce characters and themes from the Seasons of the Sword novels!

There are at least eight planned stories:

Kunoichi Companion Tales

  1. White Robes — Mired in her own grief, Lady Mochizuki Chiyome encounters two young women who give her a whole new, much more interesting opportunity
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  2. Silk and ServiceSilk & Service — A young Takeda warrior meets a servant who is much more than she seems. Mieko and Masugu’s first encounter crosses love and death.
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  3. Waiting for Kuniko coverWaiting for Kuniko Mieko is waiting at a rendezvous behind enemy lines. In the rain. Without a hat. The person who comes up the road is the last person she expected to encounter.
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  4. Wild Mushrooms — A Hōjō commander is delighted when two pretty young shrine maidens enter his camp on the evening before a battle. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been.
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  5. Kunoichi Companion TalesGhost — At a banquet to celebrate a new alliance, Chiyome contemplates murder, and discovers a new servant. Sometimes, appearances can be deceiving, and sometimes they reveal all
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  6. Schools for Talented Youngsters: Monthly Headmistresses’ Dinner — Three unique ladies get together once a month to share the joys and challenges involved teaching young ladies with very particular… talents. (Historical fantasy/crossover)
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  7. Shining Boy — Plucked off of the streets of the capital, an orphan girl tries to figure out what story she’s wandered into
  8. Blade — Toumi doesn’t want anyone messing with her business
  9. Little Brother — Returning to the monastery turns out to be as hard as leaving it was
Deadly Blossoms (Kunoichi Companion Tales #1–#6)
Deadly Blossoms cover

Meet Lady Chiyome’s Army of “Deadly Blossoms” — Before Risuko Does!
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