Risuko and Sakura - by Amanda F

Interview: David Kudler Talks Risuko

In a recent interview with book blog A Cup Full of Tea and an Armload of Books, Risuko author David Kudler talks writing, publishing, inspiration, writing history as fantasy, and much more.

Extract: Kudler Talks Risuko

Cup Full of Tea: You’re celebrating a month since your young adult novel Risuko has been released. How does that feel? 

Release day for Risuko (June 15, 2016) is almost here
The Squirrel has landed! (The first shipment of Risuko first editions arrives)

DK: It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve been working on Risuko on and off for over a decade; it’s really amazing to hold the book in your hand. At the same time, it’s a little overwhelming. You get to the release date and it feels like you’ve run a marathon–but then you cross the finish line and realize that it’s time to run another marathon, because you need to keep promoting the book, not to mention writing the next one!

Risuko and Sakura - by Amanda F
Risuko and Sakura


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